Top European Soccer Leagues

If you are a diehard fan of any European Soccer Leagues and want to read a comparison between them, this is the article for you. After collecting authentic data about top ESLs, we have ranked them to give you a true picture. So without adding more lines, let’s dive into the comparison.

Primera Division (Spain)

This is surely the best division in the soccer world. It has proven its strength while dominating numerous European competitions. Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Real Madrid are three of the best teams of this league. During the Champion’s league 2014, all these three teams reached quarterfinals. Moreover, this league owns two of the strongest and most dominating teams in the entire soccer world. For instance, la Luca is in a habit of breaking records every year.

Bundesliga (Germany)

The followers of this league know that it gives a hard time to their competitors. Bundesliga has even played better matches as compared to Primera Division. One would think that the Premier League may be a better option than Bundesliga, but it has much stronger teams than EPL. The average success rate of Bundesliga teams is much higher when it comes to European competitions.

Premier League (England)

The England Premier League is a big show. A great number of people around the world watch this league with great enthusiasm. Being the most competitive top leagues in football, EPL has a huge fan following. ManU, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal are some of the great teams of this league.

Ligue 1 (France)

With players like Thiago Silva, Cavani, Ibrahimovic, Falcao, Lucas Moura, Pastore, Veratti, and Moutinho—Monaco, and Paris are the biggest contenders. For example, Paris has won 1 final and 1 C2 cup & numerous CL semi-finals. Similarly, Monaco won many semi-finals and 1 CL final a few years ago. This league was the dominating factor in Europe’s football arena during the 90s.

Liga Sagres (Portugal)

Liga Sagres is the fifth best soccer league in Europe. Its teams have played Champions League finals and won it 4 times. Reached to the 7 UEFA Europa League finals and won it two times. Benfica-Sporting and Benfica-Porto are the two greatest rivals in the football world. Rui Costa, Luis Figo, and Cristiano Ronaldo have earned their popularity through this league. In addition, numerous foreign players like Oblak, Matic, Falcao, Di Maria, Enzo Perez, and James Rodriguez also grew up in the Liga Sagres.

Serie A (Italy)

Apart from a poor performance in the last decade, Serie A deserves to be in the top ten list, at least. This is so, as Serie A is a strong league with some big teams. For instance, teams like Lazio and Koulibaly who have Immobile and Savic, offer seriously tough competition. Serie A has won two championships in the past five years.

Superliga (Turkey)

Although considered as an underrated league, Superliga (The Turkish Super League) is world’s fifth wealthiest league. It has nurtured a few amazing homegrown talents. This league introduced some of the most fantastic African players. These players also played for some of the other European leagues. In short, with reference to the training facilities, standards of Stadiums, and expertise, the Superliga deserves a chance to stand among the best leagues in the world.